Hi, my name is Megan Pamela Ruth Madison (she, her).  I am an educator, researcher, author, and organizer who grew up in northern Michigan, and now calls New York City home.  After completing my undergraduate degree at the University of Michigan in studies in religion, I went on to become a preschool teacher in Chicago.  Now, as a doctoral candidate at Brandeis University, I work part-time facilitating workshops for grown-ups (mostly teachers and families) on race, gender, and sexuality.  I recently completed a term on the governing board of the National Association for the Education of Young Children and currently serve on the Board of Directors for Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (or JFREJ) and JOIN for Justice.

More importantly, I approach my work as an early childhood practitioner and a student of radical Black feminism.  Every day, I strive to catalyze transformative change by using my personal power to create playful spaces that center the needs and experiences of Black women in our wholeness (our minds, our bodies, our hearts, and our souls).  I do this work because I am in love and I yearn for opportunities to deepen that love: for myself, for my communities, and for the just, healthy, and thriving world we are building together.

I’ve created this website to share updates, resources, and information about my work.  Thank you for visiting,



Currently, Megan offers 3 different workshops on race and racism in early childhood education.*  You can find brief descriptions below.  Here’s a little bit about her track-record, and here are some testimonials.

Black Lives Matter.  Racial Justice in Early Childhood Education.

During this workshop, participants learn about ways that racism–at its intersection with other systems of oppression–impacts our lives, the lives of the children and families we serve, and the world we live in. Through reflection, discussion and interactive activities, educators develop the skills to teach for Black lives. We will establish anti-racist community agreements, develop shared language, and strengthen our ability to act for racial justice. Together, we will practice identifying ways that racism is manifesting in early childhood settings and develop strategies to advance racial equity within (and beyond) your program.

Pursuing Tzedek: A Workshop for Jewish Early Childhood Educators Committed to Racial & Social Justice

This workshop is geared specifically toward educators working in Jewish early childhood settings. In it, participants practice making explicit connections between Jewish values, teachings, and traditions and the goals of anti-bias education. In this interactive workshop, we will enhance participants’ racial justice “toolkit” through reflection, relationship-building and practice. Together, we will support and empower the educators in your program to engage young children in meaningful anti-racist conversations–and action!

Supporting Multiracial Children & Families

Mixed, multiracial, and biracial people make up the fastest growing racial group in the United States. In this interactive workshop, we will explore some of the common experiences of multiracial children and families, and learn about how adults can interrupt harmful the racialized messages they are receiving from the world around them. Through self-reflection, large group and small group activities, participants will analyze scenarios and develop researched-based strategies to support children’s healthy racial identity development. Participants will leave with resources to continue their work in supporting the development of all children.

*Megan is an independent Professional Development Specialist (PDS).  She has been awarded New York’s Training and Technical Assistance Professional (T-TAP) Credential.  Megan is also a trainer with The Human RootThe Center for Racial Justice in Education and the New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute.  To learn more about that work, check out their respective websites.

Depending on her availability, Megan can also provide one-on-one coaching and support (e.g. providing feedback on lesson plans, unit plans, and Learning Stories or supporting parents as they think through how to talk with their children about race and racism).  Her hourly rate for this service is $100-$300.